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Забавные истории котенка Рэдди

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Забавные истории котенка Рэдди - Пучкова Юлия Яковлевна

Exerci e 1 Match. 2 Fill in: they, I, me, them, u , we. 1. _____ tand up and put on my clothe . 2. He look at _____, and I look at him. 3. We make nowball and throw _____ at the nowmen. 4. _____ are our friend . _____ like them. 5. We are happy. Look at _____! 3 Match. 4 An wer the que tion . 1. What i the weather like today? 2. Where are the kitten ? 3. What doe Pinky put on? 4. What doe he do in the now? 5 Put the entence in the correct order. 1. Blackie goe out. 2. Reddy put on …

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