Tomaszewicz Arthur

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Рейтинг: 6.25 Дата рождения: 24 февраля 1995 
Пол: мужской   

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Poems and articles about Arthur Tomaszewicz

Poems and articles about Arthur Tomaszewicz - Tomaszewicz Arthur

POEM AND ARTICLE ABOUT ARTHUR TOMA ZEWICZ Cold tar reflected in the water Aby beckon u hi dark di tance. Our world, only one of hundred , In which we can not ee the un. In thi world, I am unea y, I want to touch another planet . Becau e there i dark and cramped, That pirit i calling me to run. Wander through the world I’m tired, And every day to meet the dawn, For me thi world ha clo ed door . I want to go to other world , To know all my terie of their, And here never to return. …

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