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Хитмейкер. Последний музыкальный магнат

Хитмейкер. Последний музыкальный магнат - Фассмэн Кэл

“ hort Fat Fannie” Larry William “ o Fine” The Fie ta “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” The hirelle “ ave the La t Dance for Me” The Drifter “ hop Around” The Miracle “At La t” Etta Jame “He Will Break Your Heart” Jerry Butler “ tay” Maurice Wil on and the Zodiac “Finger Poppin’ Time” Hank Ballard and the Midnighter “Thi Magic Moment” The Drifter “Are You Lone ome Tonight” Elvi Pre ley “A Fool in Love” Ike and Tina Turner “Angel Baby” Ro ie and the Original “Tonight’ the Night” The hirelle …

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