День, когда рухнул мир

Сейсенбаев Роллан

День, когда рухнул мир
Автор: Сейсенбаев Роллан 
Жанр: Публицистика, Документальная литература 
Страниц: 16 
THE DAY THE WORLD COLLAPSED The story Translated by Alexandra Nadezhdina To the victims of nuclear tests and ecological catastrophes. The Author THE BOOK IS THE MOST PATIENT TEACHER There are three global tasks standing before the mankind today. They are: defence of peace, safeguarding spirituality and nature protection. These are the fundamental conditions for our further existence. Each of them is incomplete without another. The future of not only Kazakhstan but whole the world depends on these three elements. We will be ever facing Hamlet’s question «To be or not to be» concerning tomorrow’s mankind, if we do not listen to the voice of prudence. The technical development of the world has progressed leaps and bounds. Thereby the man became a spendthrift wasting natural resources. His creative energy is spent in vain, and he loses the ability to embrace the richest ocean of the culture and the thought, collected by the previous generations drop by drop.


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