Аквамариновое небо (СИ)

Зелиева Рина

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Аквамариновое небо (СИ) ( Зелиева Рина)

`A^e^a`a`i`ad`e'i^ia 'ia'a^i

^E'i`e~a`a 1

`A^a`o^id "ida"a'o"idaae"a`aa`o, ^a d^i`i`a'ia "id`e~n'o`o~n`o^a'oth`o ~n"oa'i^u 'i`a~n`e"e`e"y, ~na^e~n`a, `e'i^aa^e`o`e^a'i`a"y "ea^e~n`e^e`a. `E~o 'i`a"e`e:`ea - 'ia ~n`a`i^i"oa"e"u, `a a"a`e'i~n`o^aa'i'i`a"y ^a^ic`i^iae'i^i~n`o"u "id`e"a`a`o"u ~nthaea`o'o `i`a^e~n`e`i`a"e"u'i'oth "a^i~n`o^i^aad'i^i~n`o"u `e "i^i~ad'oc`e`o"u~n"y ^a ~n'od^i^a^u'e, 'aa~n"i^i`u`a"a'i^u'e `i`ed ~aad^ia^a. D`acdao`e`o"u ~aad^i"y`i d^i`i`a'i`a ^aa~n`o`e ~na'a"y `e ^i'a`u`a`o"u~n"y `e`ia'i'i^i `o`a^e, ^e`a^e 'y`o^i "id^i`e~n~o^i"a`e"e^i 'a^u ~n 'i`e`i`e ^a da`a"e"u'i^i'e ae`ec'i`e.

 ~N`o^i"y"e`e ~n^i"e'ia:'i^ua ^aa~na'i'i`ea "a'i`e, "e`a~n^e`a"y ~n"e'o~o `ua'aa`o`a'i`ea`i "i`o`aoa^e, d`a"a'oth`u`e~o~n"y `oa"i"e'o `e ~n^aa`o'o, o'o`i^i`i "e`e~n`o^a^u `e ^aa~na"e^i "o^i^e`ath`u`e~o "i^i `a~n^o`a"e"u`o'o ^e`a'a"e'o:^e^i^a `o'o^oa"ea^e `e 'a^i~n^i'i^iaea^e, ~n`ia'i`e^ao`e~o `o`a^e 'i`a"a^ia^ao'oth c`a c`e`i'o `oa"i"e'oth ^i'a'o^a"u. "Id`e'a"e`eae`a"e^i~n"u "a^i"e~a^iae"a`a'i'i^ia "ea`o^i.

   `I`ad`e~n~n`a `o^aad"a^u`i o`a~a^i`i "iada~na^e`a"e`a ~n^e^aad`e^e, `o^id^i"i"y~n"u 'o~n"ia`o"u ^e ^i`o"id`a^a"ea'i`eth `a^a`o^i'a'o~n`a. ^I'i`e ~n ~na~n`od^i'e "i^i:`o`e ^e`aae"a^ua ^a^u~o^i"a'i^ua 'oacae`a"e`e ^e d^i"a`e`oa"e"y`i ^a ~n^a^i'e `i`a"ea'i"u^e`e'e "id^i^a`e'i"o`e`a"e"u'i^u'e ~a^id^i"a^i^e. 'I`a~n`od^ia'i`ea "ida'a^u^a`a"e^i ^a `od`a'oda. ^A~na ^a^u~o^i"a'i^ua 'i'oae'i^i 'a'o"aa`o c'o'ad`e`o"u ^e^i'i~n"ia^e`o^u, ^a`ia~n`o^i `o^i~a^i, :`o^i'a^u ^aa~na"e^i "id^i^aa~n`o`e ^ada`i"y ~n "i^i"ad'oae^e`a`i`e 'i`a "a`e~n^e^i`oa^ea `e"e`e a`ua ~a"aa-'i`e'a'o"a"u: "i"e`a'i^u ~n^ic"a`a^a`a"e`e~n"u ^a~na~a"a`a ^a "id^i"oa~n~na ~n'a^id`a `e~o `oa"i"e^i'e ^e^i`i"i`a'i`e`e ^i"a'i^i^e"e`a~n~n'i`e"o `e c`a^a`e~na"e`e ^i`o ~n^i~n`o`a^a`a 'o:`a~n`o'i`e"o "ida"a~n`o^i"y`ua'e `o'o~n^i^a^e`e. ^I"a'i^i d`a"a^i^a`a"e^i - 'y`o^i "i^i~n"ea"a'i"y"y ~na~n~n`e"y ^a ^e^i'i"oa "iad^a^i~a^i ^e'od~n`a `e ^a"iada"a`e d`a"a^i~n`o'i^i `i`ao'o`o "i^i"e'i^ua "a^i"e~a^iae"a`a'i'i^i'e ~n^a^i'a^i"a^u "a'i`e "ea`o'i`e~o ^e`a'i`e^e'o"e ~n^a^i`e`i`e ~n^i"e'ia:'i^u`i`e "e`a"a^io^e`a`i`e. C`a "aa^a'oo^e^i'e 'o^a"yc`a"e`a~n"u d`ac'a`e`o'i`a"y "o^u~a`a'i^e`a: ^i'i`e ^a~na~a"a`a "i`a~n"e`e~n"u ^a 'y`o^i`i ~n^e^aad`e^ea ~n ^i'a^id^a`a'i'i^u`i`e :'o`i`ac^u`i`e "aa`o`eo^e`a`i`e.

   - ^Ed`a~n`a^a`e"o`a, "i^i~n`o^i'e, ~n"id^i~n`e`o"u `oa'a"y ~o^i:'o...

   - ^I`o^a"yae`e~n"u, c`ad`ac`a, - "id^i'a'o'a'i`e"e`a `I`ad`e~n~n`a.
- C'i`ath "y ^a`ao`e "id`e`i^i:^e`e "aaoa^a^ua, d`ac^a^i"a`e "ad'o~a'oth "a'od'o, - `e "id`e'a`a^a`e"e`a o`a~a.

   'I`a ^a^i^ec`a"ea "a^i"e~a^i `e~n^e`a"e`a ^ac~a"e"y"a^i`i 'Ia~n~n. ^I'i`a ~n`o^i"y"e`a ^a 'o~a^i"e^i:^ea `e ~a^id"u^e^i d^u"a`a"e`a, 'o`o`ed`a"y ^e'o"e`a:^e^i`i ~n"eac^u, d`ac`i`ac^u^a`a"y ^e^i~n`ia`o`e^e'o "i^i "e`e"o'o `e o`i^u~a`a"y 'i^i~n^i`i.

   - ^I"i"y`o"u ^a^i :`o^i-`o^i ^a"e"y"i`a"e`a~n"u, "E^i~o'ia~n~n^e^ia `o^u :'o"a^i^a`e`ua, - ~n^i ^ac"a^i~o^i`i dao`e"e`a "id^i ~na'a"y `I`ad`e.

   ^E`a^e aa 'y`o^i "a^i~n`o`a"e^i. ~Na~n`od'o `I`ad`e c^a`a"e`e `E'ia~n~n`a. "'O 'i`aoa~a^i "i`a"i^i:^e`e 'a^i~a`a`o`a"y ^o`a'i`o`ac`e"y", - ^i'a'u"y~n'i"y"e`e "i^i"ad'o~a`a`i ~na~n`od^u: ^a`e"a`e`i^i ^a ^i`o`ia~n`o^e'o c`a `o^i, :`o^i ^a`ia~n`o^i aea"e`a'i'i^i~a^i ~n^u'i`a d^i"a`e"e`e~n"u "a^aa "aa^a^i:^e`e, `e~o ^i`oa"o dao`e"e ^i`o^u~ad`a`o"u~n"y 'i`a `e`ia'i`a~o 'ia'i`a~a"e"y"a'i^u~o "a^i:'od^i^e. "I^i"ad'oae^e`e 'a^u~n`oda'i"u^e^i "iada"aa"e`a"e`e `I`ad`e~n~n'o ^a 'ia:`o^i "i^i"id^i`ua: `I`ad`e - a`ua ^e'o"a`a 'ia o"e^i, `a `I`ad'o~n"y `e `I`ad'o~n`e^e... "'I'o "a`a "e`a"a'i^i, ~o^i`o"u ~a^ido^e^i`i 'i`ac^i^a`e`oa, `o^i"e"u^e^i ^a "ia:"u 'ia ~n`o`a^a"u`oa", - ~n`ia"y"e`a~n"u `I`ad`e~n~n`a. ~Na~n`oda "i^i^aac"e^i 'a^i"e"uoa - aa 'i`ac^u^a`a"e`e "id^i~n`o^i 'Ia~n~n`e^e, 'Ia~n"y `e"e`e 'Ia~n~n.

   ^A~na 'o"a`e^a"e"y"e`e~n"u, "i^i:a`i'o ^i'i`e ~n ~na~n`od^i'e `o`a^e 'ia "i^i~o^iae`e, `e, a~n"e`e ^e`o^i 'ia c'i`a"e, :`o^i ^i'i`e d^i"a'i^ua, `o^i ~n:`e`o`a"e `e~o "id^i~n`o^i 'a"e`ec^e`e`i`e "i^i"ad'o~a`a`i`e. ~N~o^iaea~n`o"u c`a^e"eth:`a"e`a~n"u `o^i"e"u^e^i ^a d^i~n`oa. "^A^i^i'a`ua, d^i~n`o 'o 'i`a~n ~nda"a'i`e'e", - ^i'a`eae`a"e`a~n"u `I`ad`e, ^e^i~a"a`a `i`a`i^e`a ^ac"a^u~o`a"e`a, ^i'ac^u^a`a"y~n"u 'ia"a^i`iad^e`a`i`e. "'I'o 'ia ^a~na`i aea `i^i"aa"e"y`i`e d^i"a`e`o"u~n"y. ^E `o^i`i'o aea `i`a"ea'i"u^e`e`i "aa^a'oo^e`a`i "i`ad'i"y 'i`a'e`o`e "id^i`ua - `o'o`o "a`e`a"i`ac^i'i 'a^i"e"uoa. `A ^a^i`o "a^u"e"a`a`i `o"yae^e^i "id`e~o^i"a`e`o"u~n"y - ~a"aa aea 'i`a 'i`e~o ^a~na~o ^a^u~n^i:a'i'i^u~o ^ed`a~n`a^a"oa^a 'i`a'e"aao"u", - 'ia ~n"a`a^a`a"e`a~n"u `I`ad`e.

   'O 'Ia~n~n - ^ed'o~a"ea'i"u^e^ia ~n`e`i"i`a`o`e:'i^ia "e`e:`e^e^i, ~n^aa`o"e^i ~nad^ua ~a"e`ac`a, `a^e^e'od`a`o'ia'i"u^e`e'e 'i^i~n`e^e `e `oa`i'i^ua ^a^i"e^i~n^u "a^i "i"ea:. 'I`a aa "i'o~o"e^ua ~a'o'a^e`e 'a`a'i`o`e^e^i`i "i`ad'i`e "i^i~n`i`a`od`e^a`a"e`e ~n ^a^iae"aa"ea'i`ea`i, `o`a^eaea ^e`a^e, `e 'i`a aa `a"i"ia`o`e`o'i'oth ^o`e~a'od^e'o.

   "E`e"o^i `I`ad`e~n~n^u 'i`a"i^i`i`e'i`a"e^i ^e^io`a:"uth `i^id"a^i:^e'o. ^A^u~n^i^e`ea ~n^e'o"e^u `e `i`a"ea'i"u^e`e'e "i^i"a'a^id^i"a^i^e. "'I^i~n 'ia`i'i^i~a^i ^aa"e`e^e^i^a`a`o "a"e"y "aa^a'oo^e`e", - ^ed`e`o`e^e^i^a`a"e`a ~n^a^ith ^a'iao'i^i~n`o"u `I`ad`e. Aa 'i`eae'i"y"y ~a'o'a^e`a 'a^u"e`a "i'o~o"eaa ^aad~o'ia'e. ~A"e`ac`a ~nad^i-ca"ea'i^ua, 'i`a^aad'i^i, 'a^i"e"uoa ca"ea'i^ua, :a`i ~nad^ua. ~O'o"aa'i"u^e`a"y, ~od'o"i^e`a"y. "~Ad'o"a"u - "i^i`i`aae"u ca"ea'i^e^i'e, `e ^a~na "id^i'e"aa`o, `a "i^i"i^e`a `o^i"i^id`e^e^i`i", - ^i'a"e`a~n^e`a"e`a aa ^i"a'i`aae"a^u 'Ia~n~n. ^A "oa"e^i`i, "i^i"i^e`a - 'y`o^i 'a^u"e^i ~n`a`i^ia "i'o~o"e^ia `e ^a^u"a`ath`uaa~n"y `ia~n`o^i ^a^i ^a~na`i aa ~o"e`e"ia'i"u^e^i`i `oa"e"u"oa. "'I^i 'ia ^a~na`i aea ^ed`a~n`a^a`e"o`a`i`e 'a^u`o"u", - 'o"ad'o:a'i'i^i d`ac`i^uo"e"y"e`a ^i ~n^a^i`e~o "id`ed^i"a'i^u~o "a`a'i'i^u~o "aa^a'oo^e`a, ^i`o d^iae"aa'i`e"y ~n^aa`o"e`a"y o`a`oa'i^e`a, ~n^aa`o"eaa, :a`i aa ~na~n`od`a, ^i'i`a ^ed`a~n`e"e`a ^a^i"e^i~n^u ^a `ia"a'i^u'e "o^aa`o, ~n:`e`o`a"y, :`o^i ^i'i ~n^i^i`o^aa`o~n`o^a'oa`o aa ~n`oad^a^ic'i^i'e 'i`a`o'oda `e ^acd^u^a'i^i`i'o ~o`ad`a^e`oad'o. 'I`eaea `o`a"e`e`e, `o^i'i^e`ea `e "ea~a^e`ea ^e`a^e "i'o~o, ^a^i"e^i~n^u `I`ad`e~n~n^u ^a`e"e`e~n"u ^a "eth'a'oth 'o"a^i'a'i'oth `e`i ~n`o^id^i'i'o, 'i^i `o^i"e"u^e^i 'ia ^a `o'o, ^e^i`o^id'oth 'a^u"e^i 'i'oae'i^i. `I`ad`e 'a^u"e`a `i"e`a"aoa ~na~n`od^u 'i`a ~a^i"a, 'i^i ^a~na~a"a`a c`a`u`e`u`a"e`a aa ^i`o ^a~na^a^ic`i^iae'i^u~o ^i'a`e"a:`e^e^i^a. A`ua ^a o^e^i"ea "iada"ad`a"e`a~n"u ~n^i ^a~na`i`e `i`a"e"u:`eo^e`a`i`e, "aa^a^i:^e`e aea ~n`o`ad`a"e`e~n"u ~n 'ia'e 'ia ~n^a"yc^u^a`a`o"u~n"y. `I`a`i`a "aa^a'ooa^e ~n:`e`o`a"e`a, :`o^i 'o `i"e`a"aoa'e "a^i:ad`e "id^i~n`o^i ~n^e^aad'i^u'e ~o`ad`a^e`oad.

   'Ia~n~n`e^e - ~n"i^i^e^i'e'i`a"y `e d`a~n~n'o"a`e`oa"e"u'i`a"y 'i`a`o'od`a, `i^iaea`o, ~n"e`eo^e^i`i ~n"i^i^e^i'e'i`a"y, "a`aaea `ia"e`a'i~o^i"e`e:'i`a"y. ^I'i`a `i^i~a"e`a "i^i~n"ea ~n~n^id^u "a'o`o"u~n"y 'ia"aa"e"y`i`e, `a `o^i `e `ia~n"y"o`a`i`e. ^I`o^ed^u`o^i 'i`a ^e^i'i^o"e`e^e`o 'i`e^e^i~a"a`a 'ia o"e`a. `I`ad`e~n~n`a aea ^e`e"a`a"e`a~n"u 'i`a "id^i`o`e^a'i`e^e`a ~n "yd^i~n`o"uth "a`e^e^i'e ^e^io^e`e, 'i^i ^i`o~o^i"a`e"e`a 'a^u~n`od^i. 'Ia `i^i~a"e`a "a^i"e~a^i-"a^i"e~a^i c"e`e`o"u~n"y `e, ^a"i'o~n`o`e^a "i`ad, 'o~n"i^i^e`a`e^a`a"e`a~n"u.

   - 'I'o, "a`a^a`a'e, ^e^i"e`e~n"u, :a~a^i 'i`a 'y`o^i`o d`ac, - 'i^i ":'o"a^i^a`e`ua", "i^i~o^iaea, c`a~o^i`oa"e^i "i^i`e~ad`a`o"u ^a "i`ad`o`ec`a'i `e 'oo"e^i ^a "i^i"a"i^i"e"ua.

   - "E`a"a'i^i, "a^i`i`a d`ac'aada`i~n"y. `O^u 'a`e"ea`o^u ^e'o"i`e"e`a, ~nad"aao'i`a"y?
- 'Ia~n~n `o^i"e"u^e^i ~a^i"e^i^a^i'e `i^i`o`a"e`a, ^e`a^e ^e^i'i"yo^e`a, `i'o~o ^i`o~a^i'i"yth`u`a"y.
- `O`a^e, "a`a^a`a'e "aa'i"u~a`e, ~n`a`i`a ^e'o"i"eth, a~n"e`e 'o~n"iath. `Ec-c`a `o^a^i`e~o c`a`i^id^i:a^e 'i`a`i `od`e :`a~n`a ~n`o^i"y a~o`a`o"u "id`e"aa`o~n"y.



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