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, , . , ( New Dimensions, , ) 1970- . , , -.

, (Dying Inside), (Lord Valentines Castle), (The Book of Skulls), , (Downward to the Earth), (Tower of Glass), (Son of Man), (Nightwings), (The World Inside), (Born With The Dead), Shadrach in the Furnace, (Thorns), (Up the Line), (The Man in the Maze), Tom OBedlam, Star of Gypsies, At Winters End, (The Face of the Waters), Kingdoms of the Wall, Hot Sky at Morning, : (The Alien Years), (Lord Prestimion), (Mountains of Majipoor), The Longest Way Home, (Nightfall) (The Ugly Little Boy) - Roma Eterna. Unfamiliar Territory, Capricorn Games, (Majipoor Chronicles), The Best of Robert Silverberg, The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party, Beyond the Safe Zone. , Subterranean Press , Phases of the Moon: Stories from Six Decades In the Beginning , , , The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One Alpha.

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