Frog and Toad / Квак и Жаб. 3-4 классы

Лобел Арнольд

Серия: Young Readers' Club [0]
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Frog and Toad / Квак и Жаб. 3-4 классы (Лобел Арнольд)
Автор: Лобел Арнольд 
Жанр: Сказки  Детские  Иностранные языки  Научно-образовательная   
Серия: Young Readers' Club [0] 
Год: 2014 


Frog ran to Toad’s house. He knocked on the door. There was no answer.

“Toad, Toad,” cried Frog, “wake up! It is spring!”

“No,” said Toad from inside the house.

“Toad, Toad,” cried Frog. “The sun is shining! The snow is melting. Wake up!”

“I am not here,” said the Toad.

Frog walked into the house. It was dark. All the windows were closed.

“Toad, where are you?” cried Frog.

“Go away,” said Toad from a corner of the room.

Toad was sleeping in bed. He pulled the blanket over his head. Frog pushed Toad out of bed. He pushed him out of the house. Toad looked at the bright sun.

“Help!” said Toad. “I cannot see anything.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Frog. “What you see is the warm sun of April. And we begin a new year together, Toad! We will jump through the meadows and run through the woods and swim in the river. In the evenings we will sit here and look at the stars.”

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