Самые короткие и трогательные рассказы в мире

Салеми Август

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Самые короткие и трогательные рассказы в мире ( Салеми Август)

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

Ernest Miller Hemingway

Продаются детские ботиночки. Неношенные.

Эрнест Хемингуэй

Window by Jane Orvis

Ever since Rita was brutally murdered, Carter is sitting at the window.

No TV, reading, correspondence. His life — what you see through the curtains.

He does not care who brings the food, pay the bills, he does not leave the room.

His life — running through the athletes, the change of seasons, the cars, the ghost of Rita.

Carter realizes that the padded cell has no windows. [1]

Proposal by Larissa Kirkland

Starry Night. The right time. Candlelight dinner. Cozy Italian restaurant. Little black dress. Gorgeous hair, bright eyes, silvery laughter. Together for two years. Wonderful time! True love, best friend, no one else. Champagne! Offers his hand and heart. On one knee. People are watching? Well, let them! Beautiful diamond ring. Blush on the cheeks, a charming smile.

Like, no?! [2]

Ghost by Charles Enright

Once that happened, I rushed home to tell his wife the sad news. But it seems to me absolutely not listening. She did not notice me. She looked right through me, and poured himself a drink. Turn on the TV.

At this point, the phone rang. She came over and picked it up.

I saw her wrinkled face. She wept bitterly. [3]

Gratitude by Andrew E. Hunt

Blankets that he recently gave to a charity, comfortably embraced his shoulders, and shoes, which he now found in a trash can, absolutely shook.

Street lights so nicely warmed soul after all this darkness a cooling…

bending bench in the park seemed so familiar to his overworked old back.

«Thank you, God, — he thought — life is just amazing!» [4]

What Does the Devil by Brian Newell

Two boys stood and watched as Satan slowly goes away. Brilliance of his hypnotic eyes still nebula their heads.

— Look what he wanted from you?

— My soul. And from you?

— Coins for a pay phone. He urgently needed to call.

— Want go get something to eat?

— I want to, but now I have no money.

— Okay. I have a lot. [5]

Bad Luck by Alan E. Meyer

I was awakened by severe pain in the body. I opened my eyes and saw a nurse standing by my bed.

— Mr. Fudzhima, — she said — you are lucky, you managed to survive the bombing of Hiroshima two days ago. But now you're in the hospital, you do not in danger.

Just live with weakness, I asked:

— Where am I?

— In Nagasaki, — she said. [6]

Fate by Jay Reap

Was only one way, because our lives are intertwined in a very tangled knot of anger and pleasure, to solve all something else. Entrust lot eagle — and we will get married, tails — and we part forever.

Coin was tossed. It rattled, turned round and stopped. Eagle.

We stared at her in amazement.

Then, in unison, we said, «Maybe one more time?» [7]

In Search of Truth by Robert Tompkins

Finally in this dull, secluded village to find him gone. In the ramshackle hut by the fire sat true.

He had never seen a more old and ugly women.

— You — Really?

Old, wrinkled hag nodded solemnly.

— Tell me, I have to tell the world? What kind of message to convey?

Old woman spat into the fire and said:

— Tell them that I am young and beautiful! [8]

Modern Medicine by August Salemi

Dazzling lights, deafening screeching, stabbing pain, absolute pain, then a warm, inviting, clean blue light. John felt surprisingly happy, young, free, he moved toward the radiant glow.

Pain and darkness slowly returned. John slowly, barely opened his swollen eyes. Bandages, some tubing, and gypsum. Both legs gone. Tearful wife.

— You saved, my dear! [9]



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