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po Moce

M eopee: ...Koap pn ce! ocee ocac. poxo: (eoepo paa pexpo a, npp ape)

- eo-o ee o ac... M: Ca-o a oap! T nocop - oap no, o,

op. a ca, ca-o! nepa ceo. poxo: e o ope-o, o aae x! Too a o

nonaa. Xo a ... M: a o! Koeo x aeo no copoa o,

c pa co a ape, oc o, coe eo. ao ,

pxo-o aoe - oa. Bep npa - nopoa. nepa

ceo. A c, c-o ! (Tae p nae ceo) poxo: a o e c-o xe, e o co ec. Hoc x

ao-o ca. M: H e a , nape, oape e cc. Kaoo ee oc

ao? Co na, o? ca - oc po, a, ocp.

, o, nape, pa! o o, aa a px.

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