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B. Caap


Capa o o a o c oo eaeoc caa:

- He oa...

Kaep, poc o oc, a coaa , ya a yo, ac epe, copoac , coo o eepe. capa c pyo epac a paccaex oax. Ho yxoa...

B o oo o co pae opy poeo oopo x ae ypy o a. Cy cyo e yeac. Haoopo, opa oyo pacaa. Paccoe o x o copaaoc. Ho o oy! epe ec y o e eaao o, a a ee peea xaa epoex epo, o paa, e.

- O ypa...
- paoapoao poy pyeo. opao apye cea "o".

- o aepa ooa xa, - pe capa.
- Ha "Cea" xo ye, o paa copocx eocaoo ea. Boo yo.

- oapay !
- eaeo caa yee Oco, a oe, xo oo a oe.

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