Стабилизационный фонд: копить или тратить?

Пайдиев Леонид

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Стабилизационный фонд: копить или тратить? (Пайдиев Леонид)
Автор: Пайдиев Леонид 
Жанр: Экономика  Деловая литература   


The slack polemics about the ways of spending the assets of the Stabilization Fund is unfolding on the background of the stubborn insistence of Finance Minister Kudrin to focus solely on cutting down the inflation rate. In his rough polemic brochure Paidiev is not arguing with this proposition, yet is insisting that sitting still on the foreign holders' receipts has no prospects and therefore is plain stupid. The author delivers a logical chain of arguments in favor of smartly and promptly channeling the available funds into supporting the tax reform, raising funds for the natural resource rent distribution among citizens and forming a development budget that would be much more powerful than financing priority national projects. Finally, Paidiev is proposing that the Stabilization Fund be transformed into Development Fund. Obviously, the authors' suggestions are likely to call for strong objections, which make them all the more interesting.


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