To aru kagaku no Zeus V1

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To aru kagaku no Zeus V1 ( )


Hooe ocee: "pya a e!"

B pope epoo pya, oop e poc pyy yy. Ko ae, oe, o ceo a ey-o oey? B oee oy epoo copaa ..."

M... Opaeoe ooo paac. C caoo aaa y. Haaa... eo? Ta c aaa oo oo pe! e ye ec. epoe aoco c oo aaoc c... oe cep, oeo e. pp... Ka-o e xoec coa ocee y... a eyo oe-o. ooc ooo ye oce , ao e, peoo epepoc.

oa pe eo oya, o ce - yy coa ecoopoo. A e, apaco... A o ce a:


aa a aoe aaoe "a". Hoa , e! Ho... Kaoo xpea?! -o a...?!

o aa yap p ce. oac pp aa pyo ... eo. Pya cao eeyac, y a-o cpao oyaec, pya a. A o o yyeo caooa e oe, oee oeo, opaeoe oo. To caoe. Ha opyae yo oe eoc po coc. Ocoeo o, o a e acao:

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