Быть услышанным и понятым. Техника и культура речи

Ульянов Владимир Всеволодович

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Владимир Ульянов

Быть услышанным и понятым. Техника и культура речи


Ulyanov VI. To be heard and understood. Technique of speech culture. Lectures and workshops. – St. Petersburg: BHV-St. Petersburg, 2011. – 208 p. + CD-ROM.

The book describes methods of correcting both breathing and articulation. It also covers opening of natural voice and assimilating of new habits of giving speech to wide audience. The topic of the book is speech activity in radio and television broadcast. It will be interesting also to anyone, whose job is related to spoken activity.

The author uses materials of his workshops on Odessa Film Studio and in specialised Universities. This edition is supplied with CD containing sound tracks.


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