Последние тайны СССР – Проект Марс 88

Меньшутин Андрей

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Последние тайны СССР – Проект Марс 88 (Меньшутин Андрей)
Автор: Меньшутин Андрей 
Жанр: Космическая фантастика  Фантастика   
Страниц: 15 


Much has been in the USSR polygons: Plesetsk and Sary-Shagan, Baikonur and Kapustin Yar Semipalatinsk and Novaya Zemlya. All and will not list. By and large – the whole vast country under the name of the Soviet Union was one single – Polygon.

Polygon – it is almost always developing and testing new things… to move forward.

To all those who were on the Polygon

Instead of preface…

There were a lot of secrets in the USSR, even the things which did not require any secrecy at first glance…

As the country collapsed, many of such secrets were revealed to those from whom they were concealed. The newest technologies, whose development took decades and tens of billions of dollars, and sometimes the most precious thing – human lives, were sometimes sold at a million or two, and sometimes given out practically for free.

Anyway, there were more secrets than one could sell, steal or learn for free. There were some mysteries which died along with the huge country.

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