Самые лучшие английские сказки

Матвеев Сергей Александрович

Самые лучшие английские сказки
Автор: Матвеев Сергей Александрович 
Жанр: Языкознание, Научно-образовательная 
Страниц: 17 
Год: 2015 
Аадаптация текста, упражнения, комментарий, словарь С. А. Матвеева; иллюстрации М. М. Салтыкова Tom Tit Tot Once upon a time there was a woman, [1] and she baked five pies. And when they came out of the oven, they were very hard to eat. So she says to her daughter: “Daughter, put the pies on the shelf, and leave them there a little, and they will come again. [2] ” That is, [3] the crust will become softer. But the girl says to herself, “Well, if they come again, I will eat them now.” And she ate them all. Well, when supper-time came, the woman said, “Go and get one of the pies. I think they came again now.” The girl went and looked, and there were only dishes. So she comes back and says, “No, they did not come again.” “No?” says the mother. “No,” says the daughter. “Well,” said the woman, “I’ll [4] eat one for supper.” “But you can’t, [5] if they didn’t [6] come,” said the girl.


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