Ship'S Life или Русские русалки в заграничных морях

Пуаро Алина Александровна

Пуаро Алина Александровна Ship'S Life или "Русские русалки в заграничных морях"    Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody gives you guarantees. 'Cos a heart can always be broken. And there can be no loving without tears.    Runaway to a place where nobody knows. Runaway gotta let this feeling go. Runaway if I can't find love, I'm gonna runaway.    Nobody's looking for perfection. How could they give it in return. But I told my heart to believe you. And you just gave your love to anyone.    Runaway to a place where nobody knows. Runaway, gotta let these feelings go. Runaway, 'cause I don't wanna hurt anymore. Though my heart is always searching . If can't find love I'm gonna runaway.
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