Сила ненасилия Махатмы Ганди

Кедров Константин Александрович (brenko)

[MAKHATMA] GANDHI: FORCE IS THE NONVIOLENCE “Izvestiya” of № on January 13,15, 1991. Such people are born rarely. The value of Gandhi's activity exceeds the scope of our millenium, and the embodiment of its ideas, will most likely, fill millenium the future. This does not mean that by Gandhi - only for the future. The value of its ideas ever more grows, and for our time they are even more urgent, than for the first half of the 20th century, when it accomplished its life. When by Gandhi it called Hindus to the nonviolent resistance to English colonial administration, to it and into the head it could not arrive, which someone can experience in this case hostility to the Englishmen. Moreover, it [neustanno] called to love those, whom resisted. To love and to protect their political enemies, remaining inflexible in settling of its ideas, means to be Gandhi's follower: “If we will carry out all our responsibilities, rights it is not necessary it takes a long time to search for. But if we, not
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