Профилактика трудового спора с работником и действия в случае его возникновения

Лукаш Юрий Александрович

Y.A. LUKASH PREVENTION OF LABOR DISPUTES WITH EMPLOYEES AND ACTION IN CASE OF THEIR OCCURRENCE Production and practical edition Moscow YUSTITSINFORM 2015 The book «Prevention of labor disputes with employees and actions in case of their occurrence” is dedicated to the issues of violation of labor rights, the pre-trial settlement of labor disputes, preparation for the consideration of individual labor disputes, consideration of individual labor disputes in the courts, features of proof relevant to individual labor disputes in courts, common mistakes of application of labor legislation. Designed for entrepreneurs, managers of companies and enterprises of any forms of ownership, heads of departments of firms managers of HR, recruitment agents and employees personnel services, etc. Индивидуальный трудовой спор работника с работодателем – основные и общие положения
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