stories of fishermen

Ручкин Владимир

stories of fishermen
Автор: Ручкин Владимир 
Жанр: Прочая детская литература, Детские 
Создано в интеллектуальной издательской системе In 1936—37, my father and a group of young peoples went to Don and Kuban. All of them were «rabfakovtsy». Since 1920, it was the Department of Rostov on Don University, which studied only the children of workers and peasants. Now it is difficult to understand their generation, their ideas, thoughts and deeds. They have seen the revolution and civil. Hate people to «burzhuatsi», to White Guard, was universal. This is not the stories of ideological doctrines, confirmed by movies, books afterwards. «Bourgeois» could see hanged or killed and wallow in the mud here, next to your house. In the eyes of 10-year-old boy presented since the Civil War. That city became «Maroussia» – rob, hang the Jews. They went «green» – rob, hang the Jews. Were «sailors – anarchists» – rob, hang the bourgeoisie, including the Jews. It included «Red Guards» – expropriated, that is robbing and hangs the «bourgeoisie», including the Jews. It is impossible to understand why the lost Empire. Why do the Orthodox people persecute and kill the priests. How was it possible, Now it is impossible to believe in the monster – the KGB. It does not help the theories of the weakness of the emperor, of the Jewish conspiracy, about the sly German intelligence…

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