Океанские дороги человечества

Войтов Виталий Иванович

Ответственный редактор доктор геолого-минералогических наук, профессор А. М. Городницкий Рецензенты кандидат исторических наук Г. И. Анохин, кандидат географических наук Н. С. Сперанский The book vividly describes discovery of continents in different historical periods. The routes of acient navigators are restored most successfully. The author is a personal acquaintance of the remarkable Norwegian T. Heyerdahl and has had a number of scientific disputes with him. Oceanographer the author has taken part in many sea research expeditions. In the book he realizes artfully his experience and wide knowledge of the ocean nature. Several hypotheses and fascinating scientific indications of constant interest of all ocean investigators in the history of development and studies of the world are advanced. Предисловие


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